RedStone Commercial Funding LLC.

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RedStone Commercial Funding LLC is a family owned, direct, experienced, nationally recognized leader in private money lending focusing primarily on commercial loans. By servicing the Real Estate Investor, Redstone provides access to capital for projects in need of Rehab, Acquisition, Land Development, Construction, Commercial and Mixed-use properties.

In addition to Redstone’s direct access to Private Institutionally owned capital they also lend their own funds focusing on local projects with experienced investors. RedStone has been at the forefront of private funding as a direct lender for over 15 years. Because of our direct lender experience we have successfully diversified into a full-service provider. We are able to offer our clients many more unique financial funding products at higher loan amounts and extremely competitive rates. In addition to utilizing our own private capital (“RedStone Capital Fund) we also represent and have direct access to various regional banks, hedge funds, and private financing institutions that can provide multiple creative solutions for all your real estate and business financing needs.

We understand the need for a prompt response to your funding request, therefore RedStone has a ready, willing and able In-house team of underwriters who will evaluate your project promptly and effectively to give you the time and attention you deserve! When your business needs capital, let our experts provide you with the signature service we have come to be known for.

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